"I have used Bruce as a ghost writer for two major book projects, and intend to use him for many more. He has an uncanny ability to write in the precise way I am thinking, and I’ve been totally happy with the end products.

“I have also hired Bruce for web content for several different sites, and was not only very happy with his copy, but was amazed by his ability to change writing styles to suit the situation.

“I would highly recommend Bruce as a freelance writer.”

—Michael Coleman, CEO Dynamic Expansion, Inc.


“Bruce has been a writer for me personally and for my company for over five years, creating content for our web site and in other places as well. He has also conducted and written over 20 case studies for our product.

 “He has reflected a deep understanding of our philosophy and technology. 

 “I would highly recommend Bruce as a writer.”

 —Nikolaus Kimla, CEO, Pipeliner Sales, Inc. 


“I strongly recommend Bruce Boyers as a freelance writer.

“Bruce has written extensively on an enormous variety of topics. He specializes in making himself an ‘expert’ in an area, and then writing from that standpoint. This has made him successful as a freelance writer but far more importantly, it has helped his clients make money, too.

“As examples of the wide range of subjects he has addressed, he has written about organic and sustainable agriculture; interviews and profiles on the world's top chefs; computer software; financial services; dental services; medical services; natural healing; building trades; music; and vertical markets such as manufacturing, church pews, audio components, art glass, log homes, antique auto parts, and many more.

“I believe you'll be pleased with his service and products.”

—Bruce Rigney, Owner and CEO, Rigney Graphics


“Bruce has been writing professionally for a very broad range of clients all over the U.S. for many years. I hired him recently for 2 difficult jobs, and he pulled off both of them like a pro, with incredible research and clean, easy to understand text that astounded me. He's also a great guy, fun and very easy to work with (an added plus during a stressful project). He was able to sort through several large and confusing documents sent to me by a client and come up with a simple, coordinated explanation of the client's services that before was pedantic and horribly confusing. The text actually breathed new life into a major international project that had been stalled for several months. He impressed the heck out of me and I decided to use him for all my text writing work.

I can't recommend Bruce highly enough.

—Len Williams, CEO, Design Strategies, Inc.


“We have worked with Bruce Boyers for many years now. He is a delight to work with and his writing is always well-received by our clients.”

 —Sally Falkow, CEO, Meritus Media Inc.


"When it comes to content creation, Bruce is my go-to guy. I've worked with him for many years, and what I loved since day one is his ability to understand what I need, and then deliver it without complexities and confusions. Bruce understands that copy is for the reader, and can take on their viewpoint whilst maintaining the message that I need to get across."

 --Leon Wood, President  vVoosh


 "I've been working with Bruce for over five years on a regular basis. In all this time, he's never missed a deadline. His writing is always professional and is, at its best, insightful and engaging. He has interviewed many of the top opinion makers in America for us and has routinely gotten very enthusiastic feedback. I can't recommend Bruce highly enough." 

--Ken Whitman, Publisher, Organic Connections Magazine