As a freelance writer for many years, I have written hundreds of articles, promotional pieces, blogs, and web pages on a wide variety of subjects including computer software, sales, financial services, medical and dental services, agriculture, construction, the environment, sustainable farming, and many more. Clients have included graphic design firms and PR companies, and individual companies ranging from software developers to medical clinics, from repiping companies to financial firms.

I have been a ghost writer for over 50 books and ebooks, for several different clients. I specialize in bringing their particular “voice” to their written products.

Prior to going freelance, I was employed for 14 years with Diskeeper Corporation (now Condusiv Technologies), innovators in computer reliability and performance technologies. I created and wrote for their most popular newsletters of the time, as well as researching and helping create some of the company’s most successful advertising and promotional campaigns. They are a freelance client to this day.

Because I have written extensively on an enormous variety of topics, I specialize in making myself an “expert” in a field, and then writing from that standpoint. This includes very simple products or services as well as highly complex items such as complex software applications.

I also specialize in working fast and accurately under tight (sometimes impossible) deadlines, and being very cost-effective.

 Contact me and let me know how I can assist you in speaking to your prospects, customers and readers—in exactly the way you want.