A Matter of Words  

The 3 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer for the Long Term 

If your business has a high written content requirement, you’ve most likely already hired a writer or even a team of them. If they’re doing the job you really need from them—in other words, delivering a top-notch written product every time—then you can stop reading.

If you’re still here, then perhaps you’re looking for more from a writer. If that’s the case, I can help. Read more

5 Reasons You Need a Professional Writer

Here are 5 important reasons to hire a professional freelance writer:

  1. A professional writer can often turn out a spectacular written communication in a fraction of the time it would take a non-professional.
  2. A professional writer has extensive experience communicating with the written word. Your message will come across exactly the way you want it to.
  3. Because you only pay for each product, in the end it costs you far less than it would a salaried employee. You only pay for what you need. Read more

Reaching the Heart of the Reader

Today’s mantra for high visibility on the web is “content, content, content!” Anyone creating a web site is highly advised to fill their site with meaningful and relevant content, and regularly add to it so that visitors are engaged, and more likely to return, and most importantly more likely to purchase your product or service, or more of it.

The above will go a long way to rate a site high in the search engine rankings. But the next key question becomes, “Will potential qualified prospects read it?” Will the messages hit home? Will they be more motivated to buy, or buy more? Read more

You’ve Got To Give A Crap

 The same applies to creating content. I bet you could randomly sample a few web sites and, applying this principal, tell instantly if the writer really cared at all about the people they were writing to. Too much of the time, they care only about making themselves or their company look fantastic, in an effort to draw interest. But sadly, their lack of caring for the reader can come across in spades.

As an afterthought, you also have to give a crap about what you’re selling or promoting. That shows in your writing or your sales pitch as well. If you don’t, or you’re just pretending, you might want to consider a different line of business. Just sayin’. Read more